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Team Viewer Assistance

For remote help please use the below link:

Install node package with unsafe permissions

npm install package --unsafe-perm

How to create a persistent Linux bootable USB

Download and install LiveUSB Install – Live USB Creator

If you can't find it the actual download page is here:

Run Node Command Inside A Fiber In Meteor

var Fiber = Npm.require('fibers');
Fiber(function() {
//Command Here

How To Partition A Disk In Debian Linux

1) Open the terminal window

2) Type in:

fdisk -l

This displays all of your disks. An example of a disk would be '/dev/sdb'

3) Type in:

cfdisk /dev/sdb

3) Go to, and hit enter on 'New'

4) Hit ENTER on 'Primary'

5) Adjust the size of the drive, or just hit ENTER

6) Hit ENTER on 'Write'

7) When it's done, hit enter on 'Quit'

8) Type the command:

mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb1

This formats the drive using ext3

Use Node Package In Meteor

(Where 'package' is the name of the NPM package)

To install a package use this command in your application directory:

cd .meteor/local/build/server
npm install package

To use a package use the following:

This is the newest way to add Npm packages to Meteor.

var package = Npm.require('package');


How To Install NVM

NVM, or Node Version Manager allows you to run your projects using a different version of node, install node versions, and create aliases. This is useful if you need to test your project against newer versions, run a project that requires older ones, or even to just install node to begin with.

Using Install Script (cURL)

curl | sh

Using Install Script (Wget)

wget -qO- | sh


The primary website technology used is Drupal Commerce. We take it's base architecture and mold it to your companies commerce needs. Not only do we do that, but we wrap that inside an efficient cloud technology that allows much more stability and scale-ability then you would ever get from a shared host solution. Having your store in the cloud makes it to where your customers always get a uniform, and speedy experience when accessing your site while minimizing downtime.

Resetting your LGL35G Tracfone PIN

If you have lost the PIN to open your phone you can use the SIM card troubleshooting guide on the website.

What should I do if my phone displays "Enter PUK code"?

The "Enter PUK code" message means that the SIM card is blocked. Please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-867-7183 so that a representative can assist you with unlocking the SIM card.

What should I do if my phone displays "SIM Blocked"?

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